ARB Group

The Problem

We were approached by ARB group in Australia, who had big dreams of expanding their operations here in New Zealand. They had recently acquired a variety of manufacturing, retail, and installation service sites across New Zealand and were looking to consolidate the services.

As they bought these businesses, it quickly became apparent the mix of networks and operating systems that were used at the different sites would not work together. Work needed to be done to both connect their new sites nationally, as well as back to their headquarters in Australia.

To further connect these sites, it was established that ARB would also require a telephone system that they could use at the office or remotely, due to the disruption of the pandemic.

Moreover, the new systems had to be both easy to use for their in-house IT Team, as well as highly scalable as they looked to further expand operations across New Zealand.

Our Solution

Our first step was to consolidate the networks that they inherited from the businesses they had purchased.

Given the new businesses were all running different networks and systems we decided the best course of action was to start again with an all-new WAN system to be installed and managed across all new sites.

We backed this up with 4G redundancy to ensure that ARB had a reliable and consistent network, no matter where they were in New Zealand. Finally, we connected the new WAN network back to their headquarters in Australia.

On top of this, we supplied the entire ARB New Zealand group with a new phone system. We deployed 3CX – an application-based phone software that is able to run across desk phones, laptops mobile phones and more.

Thinking ahead we also outlined a network and systems template in order to help standardize ARB’s operations when acquiring new businesses across the country.

The Outcome

As a result of our involvement with ARB they now have a consistent and reliable network across New Zealand.

All ARB’s management systems are linked both nationally and across the pond and can be managed by the ARB IT Team in Australia.

The ARB team can now confidently connect via phone from across the country, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Finally, they have an established and scalable course of action in regard to their network systems, when they inevitably purchase new businesses as they seek to expand their operations in New Zealand.

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