We have some specific guides on how to set up your PureLink supplied router here: Setup your Router

PureLink accepts direct debit payment, credit/debit cards, bank transfers and ANZ bank deposits. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques or cash.

Our bank account number is ANZ 06-0313-0755404-00

Our team always does a full scope of your home/business to ensure we give you the best tailor-made recommendations. We are 100% committed to providing you with the best internet solution to fulfil your unique wants and needs.

  • We offer no-term contracts. 
  • Changing over to us is easy.
  • Our customer service team provides dedicated service and support. 
  • You can rely on us for a high-quality and efficient service.
  • PureLink delivers useful offers and benefits. 
  • We are a friendly local business. 

The New Zealand Government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative is slowly being implemented in every area of the country to provide homes and businesses with minimum speeds of 100Mbit/s downstream and 50Mbit/s upstream (with upgrades available for 10x that speed). However, there are currently many areas where fibre isn’t installed, with no immediate plans for the future. 

PureLink wants to find the best solution to your needs, whether or not that solution is fibre-based. 

Failover is a procedure that automatically transfers control over when a fault or failure interrupts your primary internet solution. We provide failovers for all our clients.