Reading & Understanding Your Invoice

Page 1: Overview of Your Invoice

 Overview of Your Invoice: This page provides a summary of your invoice, including any overdue charges or credits from previous months and the charges for the current month.

  1. Billing Address: The main billing address associated with your account.
  2. Invoice Details: Information about the invoice, such as the print date, account number, and invoice number.
  3. Payment Information:
    • Due Date: Payments for the current month are due on or before this date.
    • Previous Balance: Any unpaid charges from the previous month will carry over. A positive amount indicates overdue charges requiring immediate payment, while a negative amount indicates a credit from the previous month.
    • Current Charges: All charges for this billing period.
    • Total Amount Due: The total amount due this month, including any credits or overdue amounts from the previous month.

Page 2: Summary of Your Bill

Summary of Your Bill: This section provides an overview of your bill, categorized by service type and how your total payable amount is calculated.

  1. Opening Balance: A negative number indicates a credit carried forward from the previous month, while a positive number indicates an overdue balance requiring urgent attention.
  2. Service Breakdown: A detailed breakdown of your services, including internet, voice, hardware rental, managed services, and one-off charges. Amounts are exclusive of GST.
  3. Subtotal and GST: The total amount for all services excluding GST, followed by the GST amount to be added.
  4. Total Amount Due: The total payable amount, inclusive of GST, and accounting for any overdue amounts or credits from the previous month

Page 3+: Detailed Breakdown of Services

Detailed Breakdown of Services: This section provides a detailed breakdown of your services for the current month.

  1. Service Description: A description of your services. If you have multiple services in each category, each line will have a distinct description.
  2. Discounts: Any discounts applicable to your service for the month, exclusive of GST.
  3. Service Price (Excl. GST): The total price of each service, exclusive of GST.
  4. Discounted Price (Excl. GST): The total price of each service with discounts applied, exclusive of GST.
  5. Totals: The subtotal of all services, the GST amount, and the total amount inclusive of GST.

Final Page: Payment and Contact Information

Payment and Contact Information: The final page provides information on how to pay your bill and how to contact our support team.

  1. Payment Methods: Information on various ways to pay your bill. Remember to include your account number from the first page of your invoice with any payments made to PureLink.
  2. Contact Details: Our contact information, including support hours for after-hours, weekends, and public holidays.