Pay Monthly Mobile Terms and Conditions - PureLink

Terms and Conditions for PureLink Mobile Services

1. Introduction By signing up to any Mobile Services offered by PureLink, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions, which supplement PureLink’s standard terms and conditions. Additionally, specific terms and conditions related to your chosen Mobile Services, including Plan and offer terms, may also apply.

2. Duration 2.1 On Account Services:

a. Fixed Term: If you’ve subscribed to a fixed contract term, you commit to receiving the On Account Service(s) for the duration of that fixed period. Upon its expiration, the service will continue on a month-to-month basis until terminated as per this Agreement. Early termination charges or transfer fees may apply if you terminate the service, change plans, or renew a fixed term prematurely.

b. Open Term: In the absence of a fixed contract term, On Account Services will be provided on a month-to-month basis until terminated according to this Agreement.

3. Quality and Coverage

a. The quality and coverage of Mobile Services depend on both your mobile device and the Network (Spark).

b. Various factors, including radio interference, atmospheric conditions, and Network congestion, can affect coverage and Mobile Services availability.

c. Changes in coverage and Mobile Services may occur due to Network expansion or reconfiguration.

d. The mobile network operator reserves the right to prioritize certain types of traffic over others during congestion periods, ensuring customers receive a satisfactory experience.

e. Voice messaging and email services are integral parts of the Mobile Services. Users are responsible for securing access to these services and setting personal PINs and passwords.

4. Roaming

a. Roaming services enable the use of Mobile Services in other countries.

b. Eligibility for roaming services, applicable countries, and charges are detailed at Mobile Rates & Add-Ons – PureLink

c. Terms and conditions of overseas network operators apply alongside PureLink’s conditions, with potential additional charges from overseas operators.

d. The utilization of roaming services may be contingent upon meeting credit criteria and may involve setup fees or credit restrictions.

5. Security

a. Users must maintain the security of their mobile devices and SIM cards, employing features like PINs and access codes.

b. Lost or stolen mobile devices or SIM cards must be reported to the Helpdesk promptly to prevent unauthorized use.

c. PureLink shall not be liable for losses resulting from unauthorized use or virus infiltration of mobile devices.

6. SIM Card

a. The SIM card remains the property of PureLink.

b. SIM cards are designated for Mobile Services use and should not be employed in machine-to-machine equipment.

7. Calling and TXT Messages

a. Charges for calls and text messages are applicable, with minimum call durations and rounded-up charges.

b. Special numbers and international calls may incur additional charges, detailed at Mobile Rates & Add-Ons – PureLink

c. Users are responsible for confirming the telecommunications service provider of a particular number.

8. On Account – Specific Terms

a. Users may suspend On Account Mobile Services for up to three months with one month’s notice, subject to certain conditions.

b. Suspension during the fixed contract period will extend the contract accordingly.

9. Pay Monthly Mobile Services

a. Pay Monthly mobile services are available only with an active PureLink internet connection.

b. If the PureLink internet connection is terminated, Pay Monthly mobile services will also be terminated unless a different eligible internet connection is established.

10. Definitions

  • Connection Pack: A mobile phone number and SIM card facilitating connection to the devoli network.
  • Mobile Services: Includes On Account Mobile Services
  • On Account Services: Postpaid Mobile services provided by PureLink.
  • SIM card: Subscriber identity module necessary for operating mobile devices and connecting to the network.